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Since the founding of our company is to be a guarantee of reliability for customers who require the protection of property or persons.

We also want to be the backbone for its employees in resolving problems associated with professional activity.

We insist on continuous improvement and professional growth of its members.

In the exercise of protection and safety of persons and property, we rely on the expertise of staff and management components of modern methods of safety management.

Cooperate with state authorities, with different organizations and companies (insurance, etc.)..

Develop advisory and consulting activities with entities in the protection of persons and property (police force, etc..) and to establish cooperation with domestic and foreign companies dealing with protecting assets and people.

The basic task of our security services is the provision of commercial services in the security services associated with the exercise of a procedural security services.

SBS DKFB, s. r. o. is governed in its activities by Slovak law.

Performance of security services that offer customers is in accordance with the Constitution, constitutional laws, laws and related implementing regulations of the SR.

In everyday life we act in accordance with the Act. 473/2005 Z.z. the provision of services in the private security sector, as amended.